Chicago, Illinois Reviews Virtual Financial – Is it a scam?

If you have an experience with Virtual Financial in Chicago, Illinois that you’d like to share, feel free to do so in the comments below. Our goal is to help answer the question:
Is Virtual Financial a scam?


Virtual Financial (Virtual Financial Group) began operations on July 17th, 2013. Many typical “growing pains” of a start-up company prevented VFG from doing much that year, and after several months of system tweaking they held their official “Virtual” launch on April 8th, 2014.

Positioning itself as a virtual insurance company for established insurance agents and entrepreneur-minded individuals looking for a new career opportunity, Virtual Financial Group’s claims: No more driving to meetings or appointments, work from home, delegate sales to pros, our exclusive system is proven, streamlined & profitable with the very best training & tools 24/7/365 anywhere you can connect to the internet.

While each individual’s experience and success with VFG is solely based on personal effort, the underlining foundation is all the same.

  • Virtual Financial is in the business of selling life insurance products. No commissions are earned by hiring (recruiting) new agents.
  • Commissions are earned when a life insurance product is sold. VFG sells and represent some of the most recognizable brands in the insurance industry with first-year commissions up to 126% paid out to the field and with up to 5.85% for renewal years. (For each agent to be qualified to earn their portion of the commission they must be a licensed life insurance agent. VFG does provide an online training course for insurance licensing as required by your state.)
  • Each agent has the same potential to earn and grow within the structure of the company. Commission contract levels are based on sales production and/or personal agency (base shop) growth and sales production. (What this really means is that – like in any 100% commission sales jobs – the people that put in the most effort usually make the most money.)

As you know, there are hundreds of “work-at-home” business opportunities being promoted across the nation. So many, it has become a huge task to sort through the scams, ponzi schemes, money pyramids and worthless product-based business opportunities. When reviewing Virtual Financial yourself, it’s important to note that this certainly is not a “get-rich-quick” opportunity. It is however a proven industry, insurance sales, with over a 150-year history of creating the largest group of highest-paid sales people. The key to success is work and determination, which sadly in today’s instant gratification minded society has become a lost character trait.

If you have an experience with VFG in Chicago, Illinois that you’d like to share, feel free to write a review on Virtual Financial in the comments below.

  • From Joe H on Virtual Financial Founders Nominated for EY Entrepreneur of the Year

    Virtual Financial – The “Amazon” of the Financial Services Industry!

  • From Eddie Torres on Virtual Financial Group Shakes Up the Old Guard in $5.8 Trillion Dollar Industry

    I have 37 years in the insurance business and specialized in employee benefits. I was planning on leaving the business and getting into real estate investing but with Virtual Financial’s Living Benefits, Leadership, online Marketing program nationwide we have a great opportunity to help millions of people with inovative products and help thousands of people supplement their income or completely change their career all on their own schedule from working at home. Fantastic Opportunity!!!

  • From Kevin Perkins on Let's Review Virtual Financial

    I was in the tradition insurance business prior to finding Virtual Financial. That meant spending 10’s of thousands of dollars on direct mail leads and driving hundreds of thousands of miles to go and knock on doors. Ultimately, with an expected 20% conversion rate. I did do it at a high level and was able to be successful. And, in build an agency showing others how to do the same. But, I always knew there had to be a better way. So, when I found VFG, it was like finding an oasis in the desert. I made the switch and have been building an agency from the comfort of my home using a laptop and a cell phone. I’ve got agents in 3 states now(planning on all 50. Canada too!). without having to drive and meet them, sign them up, drive them around to train them, etc. Virtual Financial provides a complete, one-of-a-kind, turn key system that anyone, experienced or not, can step into and create success if they are willing to work for it. I worked hard the old fashioned way. So, not shy about working hard in this system. Except, I now do it without the huge expenses of money and time that I used to incur.
    Being virtual is the wave of the future. The internet has changed the way the game is played. I see VFG as a chance to get out ahead of the curve and be progressive business leader instead of just being part of the pack that does things the same old way. All the tools are available for success. The system. The training. The products. And, the leadership.

  • From Mike on Virtual Financial Group Shakes Up the Old Guard in $5.8 Trillion Dollar Industry

    Been associated with VF 2 years this month. 2016 I will be another ramp up in income and helping families and individuals. Resignation of the J.O.B is on the plate soon!

  • From Mike R. on Virtual Financial Founders Nominated for EY Entrepreneur of the Year

    After learning about Virtual Financial and the potential to work with the underserved market of people and families.
    I knew this was my way to help deserving people with such powerful and worthy products. Now almost 2 years of part-time efforts I’ve put many into a position to leave a legacy. Sleep is good knowing our good deeds are actually planting seeds to help succeed generations of legacies. Powerful and fulfilling industry to be in.

  • From Michael Bianco on Virtual Financial Group Shakes Up the Old Guard in $5.8 Trillion Dollar Industry

    Pure Virtual…
    Virtual Financial Group is the best financial services industry to secure future. This company has best of modern technology and the best of a 6.2 trillion dollar industry. Virtual Financial Group is 100% virtual; the training, the process methods, the applications and the team building process are done virtually.
    There is No need to travel, no need of meetings, 50 state marketplace; and make for a very attractive business model for entrepreneurs to engage in.

  • From Mary Smith on Virtual Financial Group Shakes Up the Old Guard in $5.8 Trillion Dollar Industry

    Fantastic Company…Get in while you still can!

    Whether you are a seasoned financial professional or someone who aspires to owning their own business, Virtual Financial is there with full support and training. I knew nothing about the industry but through all of the online training, feel confident that I will be successful in the business. I will say this….no matter how overwhelmed you may feel, they always have your back. The encouragement and support is unmatched…the products are fantastic…and I feel the company will be a household name in the not too distant future. If you are truly thinking about owning your own virtual business, this is the place to be!

  • From Sarah Smith on Virtual Financial Group Shakes Up the Old Guard in $5.8 Trillion Dollar Industry

    A “CAN DO” Company for the Independent Insurance Agent

    My review of Virtual Financial is kind of straight forward. If you want to work and you want to work for yourself (yes, those are two separate “wants” in my book), and you want the potential to set your life up to be financially independent after working long and hard, then selling insurance and building your own agency within Virtual Financial would be a great opportunity for you. If you want to make a lot of money quick because you’re broke and desperate, then look somewhere else for some online ponzi or money pyramid scheme. This is a real career move that require commitment. If you’d rather work in some office at Farmers, Prudential or State Farm insurance…well “more power to you.” I’d rather work from my home, or anywhere else me and my computer choose to be, and have the ability for me and my team to literally sell in all 50 states. Virtual Financial Group is not a scam, but it is not for everyone. Like any sales job, it takes commitment and a “I can do it” attitude.

  • From Julia Grossemy on Virtual Financial Group Shakes Up the Old Guard in $5.8 Trillion Dollar Industry

    One of a kind company!

    The combination of lifestyle, opportunity, challenge, resources, and last but not least financial reward in a 6.2 trillion dollar industry makes the Virtual Financial a company to definitely explore.

  • From Kathy K on Let's Review Virtual Financial

    for the life of me I cannot understand how anyone would want to work in the traditional sense of being a life insurance agent. I was out of the field for many years and after the crash of the mortgage market was introduced to Virtual Financial and I knew instantly that this was the ONLY way I wanted to pursue a career back in the industry. As I remembered the cost of leads, the drive time, the number of” no show “appointments I wasn’t going to go back to that dinosaur mode of working my business. Every step of the way this company shows it’s true colors through incredible tools and training, excellent teamwork and support, the backing of some of the world’s most well branded insurance carrier names, the ease of doing business along with the time management efficiency of never needing to travel . And of course where else can you work in all 50 states and Canada? Try driving to Alaska for an appointment! If there was anything more that Virtual Financial could provide to an agent I can’t imagine what and where that could be found outside of this company. Oh wait, it doesn’t exist.

  • From Brian Wood on Let's Review Virtual Financial

    America’s Best Kept Secret! Work From Home Office in the Distinguished Financial Services Industry!
    Virtual Financial has the clear vision, leadership, and tools to stay ahead of the curve in one of the most highly respected industries on the planet. This company is on a crusade to help the American people who need it most not only the wealthy. Virtual Financial will have an competitive advantage of reaching many of those fine Americans via the virtual business model. Other companies may try to follow us, but few will ever come close to how it is all put together.

    Another distinguishing factor that sets Virtual Financial apart, aside from the virtual aspect, is that people who are new to the industry can be successful using our unique tier system. In this way, individuals new to the industry can refer sales to proven industry consultants, and still make an excellent commission in so doing. Even more interesting, is that there is an established system to acclimate anyone coming on board to hit the ground running. This traditional industry has always struggled with this, but not Virtual Financial, they have ‘practically perfected’ this process!

  • From Bob Mandel on Let's Review Virtual Financial

    The comments so far hit the nail on the head. I looked at this from a business owner viewpoint. Low start up costs, high returns, system in place with people smarter than me in the areas I would need to be the expert. The only missing ingredient is work, and I think we all have been use to that.

  • From DanielJ on Let's Review Virtual Financial

    Virtual Financial Group VFG offers a Virtual platform…no dressing up and driving to training or appointments
    Assembly line process…no need to know the entire process, just your portion of the process
    Offers the Highest payouts in the industry
    100% Advance commissions
    126% Payout to the Field
    40% Advance on Submission
    Paid 2x weekly
    Top Renewals 5.85%
    and the list goes on and on…
    Best consultants to work with you and your prospects, 30+ year experts!
    Great product portfolio with over 100 carriers

  • From Gary B on Let's Review Virtual Financial

    As a 37 year veteran in the financial services industry who has traveled over 1 million IRS tax deductible miles I have found the perfect business model with Virtual Financial Group. I am building my nationwide business from the comfort of my home office in Northern California. Every aspect of my business is virtual; no meetings, no travel, it is incredible.

  • From John Paul on Let's Review Virtual Financial

    I agree with everything stated. However, because of my age, I have noticed a couple additional niches. The first one is coming to forefront more and more lately. The second one is just my observation.

    1. You have shared some articles from Forbes and others and I have shared articles from a senior publication about the need for seniors and retirees to supplement their retirement income because either they did not have a retirement plan or if they did not have a sufficient “nest egg” to carry them through their retirement. Therefore you see them seeking funds in the workforce. How sad to see a senior who can barely stand up leaning on a grocery cart welcoming people in the local superstore. VFG can give them a new start on life, they just don’t know about it or how to get involved. They tend to have the attitude of “I’m just too old to start a new career.” I’ll soon turn 73 and I am excited about the opportunity to have sufficient money in my senior years to share with my children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

    2. As I walk through the Veteran’s hospital on my way to a doctor appointment, I see people, both young and old, with limbs missing, in wheelchairs, or being assisted in walking or other chores. When I speak with them I found that many of them are sharp people who for one reason or another cannot return to the work force. Some because of their physical handicap and others because of PTSD or some other war caused infirmity that most employers do not want in their employee populace. What a great vehicle, Virtual Financial Group, for these people to return to society and be a productive person in the work force. VFG can be productive for them because they don’t have to struggle or have help to get out, get into a vehicle, go to an appointment or meetings to be successful in Virtual Financial Group. They only need exposed to a opportunity that they can be a part of and can return to the “workforce.” VFG is that vehicle.

    Of course we must still focus on the primary prospects that fall into the prime category to be superstars at VFG, but I see opportunity at every corner when I am out with my wife shopping, running errands, groceries, etc. to recruit some of these people mentioned above as well as the “young and restless.”

  • From Greg L on Let's Review Virtual Financial

    I am not the type to leave reviews, comments or opinions often, but when I do it is done with an accurate and balanced perspective. I live in the real world so for those who are interested in an honest evaluation from a +20 year industry veteran I will speak candidly. So that you may understand my perspective, I will give you my background and hopefully you will feel I am qualified to comment.

    In past endeavors, I have been a RR a BOS, BOM and OSJ. My background includes personal producer, agency manager, management of multiple locations as well as integrating mortgage banking platforms into traditional financial planning operations. All of this was done successfully in the traditional brick and mortar environment over a 25 year period in Southern California.

    Virtual Financial Group ( VFG ) is a unique online model for building agencies/distributing financial products. In my opinion, this is where this industry is already heading, but many companies (other than VFG ) do not know how to execute outside of traditional face to face distribution. The industry, as a whole, does business much the way it did 50-60 years ago even though consumers have changed how they prefer to buy.

    On the other hand, VFG is up, running, and paying agents while most in the industry are forming focus groups and committees to figure out how to move at the pace of today’s consumers. Where in lies the opportunity. If you consider the value of wasted travel/commuting time, highly inefficient paper application processing, and massive amounts of money spent unnecessarily on buildings/offices you start to see why the VFG model is a winning formula.

    Now consider consumers preferring a more convenient, less intrusive way of doing business combined with a growing trust of online transactions overall and you can clearly see the upside. People at VFG work flexible hours (individually chosen) from their computer at the specified roles revolving around marketing, field force management, and financial consulting. They may be engaged in one, two or all three roles depending on preference and experience level.

    This approach simplifies new agent start up and ensures quality control simultaneously for Virtual Financial Group. The cold reality is very few are good at all areas of business in the beginning of their career and the traditional industry overlooks this truth. Unfortunately, it leads to unnecessarily high turnover in typical agencies. VFG not only acknowledges this fact but embraces it and has developed systems to make the learning simpler and faster with higher success rates.

    They have built a model that allows new agents to succeed at one level while they grow into the other roles if desired. This is quite a departure from from do-it-all sink or swim approach most often found in the industry.

    The other aspect of the Virtual Financial Group approach that is intriguing is the compensation plan. Not only is it much higher than what is typically available for agency and agent payouts, they actually have a comp plan that financially rewards managers for growing the field force and making new agents productive. Both the agents and managers are rewarded for the collaborative activity which leads to a cohesive, teamwork approach. It also serves to grow management organically which should be noteworthy to those looking for upward mobility and longevity in an organization.

    As I said earlier I would give an accurate assessment of Virtual Financial Group and VFG is not without it’s imperfections. It is truly a new model in an wealthy old industry and has it’s drawback. For people who really want/need a boss to tell them what to do hour by hour it is a bad fit. Self starters who need pointed in the right direction and will run with the ball with a bit of coaching will shine. For anyone who lacks discipline and focus it will be a challenge since there will be no boss peeking over your shoulder and you KNOW no one will be looking. A second drawback it’s that it takes time. Time to learn software, time to study for licenses, time to do marketing, time learn a new mentality. For anyone who wants to start this Monday and have a paycheck this Friday so they can pay their cell phone bill it is a bad fit.

    It can and does pay well, but it is a licensed profession that takes time and effort to master…not a quick buck or easy money fast.
    The final point (which is also the attractive part of Virtual Financial Group) is that it is new. Not everyone has the right mentality and emotional make up to be a pioneer and blaze trails. There are not 101 “How To” books (or eBooks) on the time tested ways of succeeding in VFG. For those who are mid and late adapters this can be unsettling. Some do prefer to follow the socially validated, well traveled road road rather than lead expeditions. There truly are more followers in life than leaders. I am certain it was not easy for people involved in the beginning stages of Apple, Amazon or Netflix to see a clear path to where those companies were headed. But I am equally sure it was well worth it for those dared to believe in what those organization could become.

    My hope is this review makes it clearer for you evaluate Virtual Financial Group.They have put together a platform unlike any other and years ahead of competitors in a very lucrative industry with much needed name brand products. In the end, your success in VFG will really be a matter of drive, focus and belief in yourself to adapt and thrive in new endeavors. They just make it easier and faster and much higher quality of life along the way.

    Robert Frost quote —
    I shall be telling this with a sigh
    Somewhere ages and ages hence:
    Two roads diverged in a wood, and I—
    I took the one less traveled by,
    And that has made all the difference.

  • From Sheena H on Let's Review Virtual Financial

    I am proud to say I have been with Virtual Financial Group from the very beginning. I have seen the bumps along the way and know we will come across more. But I am committed the mission and the vision of VFG. Never before have I seen or heard of the vision that VFG has in the insurance industry and I believe we are truly in the right place at the right time to revolutionize the this industry. To be able to work from home, away from home, or anywhere you want is such a true advantage. I am a mother of two very active boys and to be able to still work for this company and be there for them before and after school with homework and little league is priceless.

    This past December my mother was diagnosed with leukemia and I was able to spend time with her through the chemo and be there at her side while working for VFG. No other company can allow the flexibility to work from home and be there for your family at the same time.

  • From K. Callahan on Let's Review Virtual Financial

    If you are interested in a career in the financial services industry having the proper tools and training are vital. VFG has those tools. All you need is the desire and drive to succeed. If you’re looking to get rich over night then this isn’t the place for you. True success doesn’t happen over night. It happens over time. Find out what your reasons are for getting into this industry first. Then you’ll see that all the tools for your success are all here for you.

  • From Phil Q on Let's Review Virtual Financial

    My review of Virtual Financial Group (VFG), or Virtual all together, I call it “PURE VIRTUAL” because it is becoming pure. Many readers of this review probably don’t remember how much money was spent on smog prevention because of cars and trucks, hundreds of billions to have clean air. Leave it to Americans to find a better way to accomplish smog clean up, less cars, work from home and you only need one car, how about lowering gas prices, not so much demand.

    So virtual has helped us in way that probably wasn’t thought of at the time, less cars and less demand for oil. Also, think back to the last time you had a salesman/saleswoman in your home? Have you ever shopped online? Ever gone online to look up something you needed to learn about, aren’t these virtual? Just today

    I came out of semi-retirement because I believe so much in the virtual, oh and it just happened to virtual played right into my passion, helping more people. With the US and Canada we have 400,000,000 to serve, I know of no other way to reach that number other than Virtually.

    The amazing thing is that the customers love us being virtual, sitting in there favorite room, having a coffee or a cocktail while they learn what can be done for their retirement with no charge at all.

    Virtual is here to stay and grow and change our lives for the better, just today in the Seattle Times an article pointed out that under the new designation, broadband is defined as the delivery of Internet data at speeds of at least 25 megabits per second, up from 4 megabits per second. The reason is to protect the consumers from subpar download speeds and goads the industry into offering higher quality services. 20% of the US doesn’t have access to the new speed and they are unhappy.

    Why? Because we all want better access to the Internet . . . nuf said, Virtual is the future.

  • From David H. on Let's Review Virtual Financial

    A very unique opportunity to work from home in the financial services industry. With a 100% advance, 126% Gross Payout and 5.85% Renewals the money is hard to beat. They pay twice a week and have training offered 24/7/365.

    They have a program that allows licensed reps to refer business to experienced consultants and receive 2/3 of the commissions for a referral. This allows reps to work on marketing as their primary focus and not have to learn product details or close sales. The technology, resources and software tools are on the cutting edge and make the process very simple, plus this can all be done from home or on the road as long as you have an internet connection, No Office, No Travel, No Meetings, No Appointments or BS to deal with.

  • From Michael Sole, C.L.U. on Let's Review Virtual Financial

    I believe Virtual Financial Group is second to no other business opportunity in the Financial Services Industry for individuals that desire to build a National Agency Distribution

    Team of Associates & have an instant National Market to help others do the same thing with no geographic restrictions to limit their upside success!

    This is a unique business model that provides me as a National Agency Team Builder & Financial Consultant the opportunity to reach my fullest potential & to help my Associates accomplish each of their individual missions in to accomplish whatever their goals & objectives are Virtually all from their home in the most cost efficient manner there is to do so!

    The Virtual Financial Group Business Model is the most incredible system in the Financial Services Industry for an individual that has a entrepreneurial spirit & takes a long term view with his or vision & mission!

    I was blessed to be able to build a Nationally Ranked Financial Services Team over my 38 years in the Traditional Model & without question now have the opportunity with Virtual Financial Group to build an Internationally Ranked Financial Services Team & that is my vision & mission to accomplish as I sprint to the finish line of my Financial Services Career.

    The Virtual Financial Group business platform truly provides me the opportunity to accomplish my mission & to help many other Virtual Financial Group Associates do the same thing!

    I am extremely grateful to get to be part of this unique paradigm shift in our industry that is destined to truly be a defining moment in the history of the Financial Services

    Michael Sole, C.L.U.

  • From Daniel M on Let's Review Virtual Financial

    I ditto the comments of both Steve L and Michael M. Virtual Financial Group is not a “signup and get rich program.” Just like anything worthwhile, it takes some dedication and persistence. But for those with vision and a good work ethic, there is something truly beautiful and elegant happening here. And just as with any “disruptive innovation”—be it an Apple Computer, a Microsoft, a Google and countless others, or going much further back in history, a Ford Motors, etc.—there are growing pains in the early stages, and many have misunderstood… or just missed the point entirely. This is something that has never been done before. The beauty and elegance are in 2 respects:

    (1) Virtual Financial Group provides, for the first time in history, and at a time when it is desperately needed, an even playing field on which people from all walks of life have REALISTIC chance of achieving success in an industry where previously that success was reserved for very select few, and in which things like race, gender, age, appearance were often limiting factors. And it can be done without disrupting their lives with travel, time away from family and overhead—major challenges in the traditional industry. It provides the opportunity to build and own a REAL business that can take care of their families for year, potentially even generations, to come.

    (2) There is a desperate need by a vast underserved population for the financial guidance and the foundational products that VFG offers. It has become critical that families and individuals learn to take responsibility for their own financial futures, yet no one is helping and educating the masses on how to plan, how to properly protect themselves and how to create a secure retirement. (This is arguably critical for the future stability of our entire society.) The VFG model is capable of reaching, and will reach, these masses in the far corners of America and beyond. And it also provides those who do not have the extra income to put into a retirement vehicle, and would otherwise have no prospect of retirement, a means of funding that vehicle on a part time basis, without having to learn an entirely new career.

    I believe that anyone who takes the time to thoroughly understand the model which Virtual Financial Group has developed over the last year and a half, will be in awe of the elegance and simplicity of the model and will recognize that it truly is the future of the industry.

    Lastly I have to say, having experienced many business environments from large and small corporations to various arenas of entrepreneurship and numerous network models, how much I admire the leadership at VFG. Our founders are true “do it first” leaders. They are not “owners” who sit on top of a company and collect a big chunk of profit off the top while everyone else works hard. They earn their income from the same exact compensation program in which we all participate (while investing money and endless hours tirelessly developing tools and training). We are truly all in the trenches together on a remarkable, historic crusade which will positively impact the lives of millions. For those who are willing to apply themselves, follow a system and stay the course, it will be well worth it!

  • From Anthony G. on Let's Review Virtual Financial

    Virtual Financial Group has a Phenomenal business model for people looking to work from home. Whether you’re a retired individual looking for something to do, a stay-at-home mom who wants to stay with her children during the day, or have limitations that inhibit you from leaving your home. This may be just what you’re looking for. Keep in mind, this is a business opportunity and with any business, there is a learning curve. If you’re looking to trade time for money, then I suggest getting a job. But if you’re looking to Build your own business and change your family’s financial future, there is no better place. What you will need to succeed in this business model are. Steady income from another source during your transitional phase. If you are currently unemployed and need money this week, this is not for you! Come back in a few months when you’re back on track financially. It can take several weeks to a few months to start receiving consistent financial results. Another must, is the ability to follow directions from your support system. The best leaders were the best followers. TIME! you must dedicate consistent time on a daily basis, consistent behavior achieves consistent results. I know you’re probably wondering, what will I need to do? What kind of behavior? I have no experience in the insurance industry. Don’t worry, there is a paint by numbers system, plug-and-play! Think of it as a road map everything is laid out for you. All you need to do is follow the steps. If you put the same time, effort, and dedication into your business with VFG as you do with your current or past employers. The sky is the limit!

  • From Michael M on Let's Review Virtual Financial

    I agree strongly with the comments by Steve L — this business is NOT for everyone!
    However, if an individual is willing to put forth the EFFORT and wanted to position themselves for a life of true Freedom–there is no better company than Virtual Financial Group.
    Time Freedom, Financial Freedom and complete control of your own destiny.
    I work from anywhere, at anytime, in ALL 50 states and Canada with just my phone and computer.
    This company has made it possible for the average person(including myself) to achieve and excel with plug and play technology, duplicatable systems, revolutionary financial products and a management team that is second to none and driven for success!!

  • From Steve L on Let's Review Virtual Financial

    My review of Virtual Financial Group is kind of straight forward. If you want to work and you want to work for yourself (yes, those are two separate “wants” in my book), and you want the potential to set your life up to be financially independent after working long and hard, then selling insurance and building your own agency within VFG would be a great opportunity for you. If you want to make a lot of money quick because you’re broke and desperate, then look somewhere else for some online ponzi or money pyramid scheme. This is a real career move that require commitment. If you’d rather work in some office at Farmers, Prudential or State Farm insurance…well “more power to you.” I’d rather work from my home, or anywhere else me and my computer choose to be, and have the ability for me and my team to literally sell in all 50 states. Virtual Financial Group is not a scam, but it is not for everyone. Like any sales job, it takes commitment and a “I can do it” attitude.

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